Saturday, 24 August 2013


 This lovely list has been making the rounds, I picked it up from Tish and thought i'd add my contribution as a nice interim post while i'm working on writing others

Making : plans
Cooking : protein and iron goodies
Wanting: to make a difference
Waiting: for 13 weeks
Hoping: my savings account stays stable
Marvelling: about genetics
Needing: to sow buttons onto my winter wears
Smelling: winter embodied
Wearing: tights with socks
Following: others overseas adventures vicariously
Noticing: people speaking french
Thinking: about the universe
Feeling: small
Drinking : peppermint tea (also vodka)
Reading:  Descartes' first meditation (as well as many other books for leisure)
Looking: at the sky
Playing: breadkittens
Wasting: money on much needed hangover snacks
Wishing: December 1st was here
Enjoying: nights in
Liking: my job again
Wondering: where i'll go next
Loving: my dog
Knowing: I'm amazingly lucky
Thinking: about italy
Feeling: like it can't come soon enough
Bookmarking: clothes i'll never afford
Opening: mail
Giggling: extensively with my girls

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