Sunday, 7 July 2013


Hello friends.
What I love about life is learning. I love discovering, adventuring, reading and observing. Whether it be studying the wave nature of light, realising that without baking soda the cake really won't rise, or discovering that six shots of tequila leads to interesting decisions, I love it all. Curie and Curiouser is going to be where I document my attempt to learn as much about anything and everything simply by living. The world we live in is so fantastic and unbelievable that often I wonder how it is real or if like Alice I am in some kind of wonderland where things just keep getting 'curiouser and curiouser'.

Science above all is my passion and perhaps one day this blog will be read as the beginnings of the history behind my inevitable Nobel Prize.This is why I felt it was important to honor one of the most important scientists in history- Marie Curie, who was also the first ever woman to win a Nobel Prize -for her research into radioactivity. She is still however only one of 3 women to ever win the prize for chemistry, I hope by the time my name is added, the list will be much longer.

I hope you enjoy my musings, incites and opinions.
Lets go!

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