Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Golden Syrup Icing and Candied Pecans

I love baking. I mean what's not to love- it's making food with science, it's cute and pretty and its delicious. Last week was the birthday of friend who is obsessed with sweet potato, so I figured what would be a more fitting gift than some of these cupcakes. It was a bit of a risk given it was a first time making these, but aside from a few inevitable mishaps (accidentally leaving a batch in the oven when we went down the street for fro yo)  I rate it as a success. Here is the recipe I used though with a few adaptations. First off rather than a can of sweet potato i roasted and pureed my own sweet potatoes, partly because I don't know that it exists in cans in Australia and partly because the concept of it freaked me out. 
As advised by a commenter on the recipe, I added a quarter of a cup of brown sugar to the puree. Normally I don't bother with things like candying nuts, but these pecans were amazing, in fact we had extras that we ate on their own for days as well. Though perhaps a whisk was not the correct utensil for the job...
 For the frosting, I halved the recipe since I've discovered that unless you want two parts icing to one part cake frosting recipes are always excessive. I also added about 3 tablespoons of golden syrup (just add to taste). Now as I'm quite new to this blogging thing, I am learning as I go which means there will be some mistakes like the fact that all these cakes were eaten before I had a chance to photograph the finished product, I guess you'll just have to trust me that they were cute.

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