Friday, 27 September 2013

Sydney Sojourn

In an act of complete spontaneity last week, I went to Sydney! Mum was planning to go for the opening of the Contemporary Art Fair and since she's going away for a while soon I thought it would be nice to spend some time with her. I've also been thinking a lot recently that given the amount I've travelled I really ought to be making more of an effort to be seeing some of my own country. And of course I wanted to visit lovely Louise (again, go and visit her at Louiseamy she really is wonderful) So on Sunday we booked our tickets to leave on thursday! We flew with Tiger (0/10 would not recommend) but after some dramas and six hours of amusing ourselves in the domestic airport we did eventually make it without crashing.

We dressed up fancy and went out to look at art and drink champagne on thursday night, we navigated the crowds, chatted with friends and met our idol Annabel Crabb. We ended the night partying in a tattoo parlour and came dangerously close to getting tattoos.
Wonderful Louise had written me a three page guide to her city which became my guide on Friday. I braved the train systems and made my way to Cronulla. I spent the afternoon exploring little shops, spending far too long in a bookshop (but managed to leave with only a single book) and finally found the beach. I was clearly a tourist as I revelled in the 23 degree warmth while locals were still well away from the beach. I'd been alone all day and found myself making conversation with crabs and barnacles that I found in rockpools. I read my book on the beach and felt utterly relaxed as the sun went down.

 We finally met up with Louise that evening for dinner. Catching up twice in three months, we've almost made a habit of it! We enjoyed lots of laughter and burritos.

We spent Saturday wandering around, originally to find coffee and ended up finding many of the things recommended to us by Louise: Sappho Coffee, Wine and Books, Glebe Markets, Luna Park and walked across The Harbor Bridge. We caught ferries and giggled at silly things. Spent a ridiculous amount of time walking up hills. Quested to find Adriano Zumbo's patisserie and generally enjoyed the sunshine. It was a lovely time relaxing, having fun and seeing a bit more of our country.

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