Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 10: 2 Weeks 6 Days

Sometimes things just sort themselves out.

As you know 2 days ago I was exhausted, frustrated and stressed from booking (or rather not booking) my Italian accommodation. But two days can change a lot of things, I now have even more than I bargained for!

Along with hostel rooms being booked for Greta and I for Verona and Venice, thanks to gorgeous Greta and her wonderful host family I also have a place to stay with them in Florence. Not only that, for the weekend we are going to take a trip to The Country House and visit Pisa! My Accomodation for when I am being grown up and independent by myself in Rome is done! Greta is on the job of booking trains our together, and I just have to book my trains to and from Rome.

Italy here we come!

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