Monday, 11 November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 9: My Dog

This year is my first year of uni (in fact I'm only 2 exams until being done with it) and overall i loved it, however I did find it quite hard to make friends. Coming from a very small high school of amazing, accepting and friendly people the sheer number of people overwhelmed me. Though I wasn't completely alone - I had some old friends there already, I made a few really great friends and with time I got better at chatting with people around- it was possible for me to go days without speaking to anyone but the person who sold me my coffee.

What this resulted in was a newfound appreciation and love of my dog Tobey. To have someone recognise you and be happy to see you is such a simple joy and he showed that every day. This year was also the first time in a long time that he was allowed back on the couch so we shared many hugs which I missed after hugs with my friends being a more than daily occurrence last year. As an extrovert not having people to chat to drives me crazy, i need interaction, conversation and the ability to express myself out loud, and so tobey became this for me too, a creature who listened to my casual chatter throughout the day. The fact that dogs actually feel emotions akin to human love and happiness is the greatest thing I learnt all year.

Basically he is the greatest and deserves some more appreciation. 

 Ps. Sorry this post was late once again I was busy all night playing this stupid game

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