Thursday, 28 November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 26: "He Gets Better"

"Don't worry, he gets better" is a phrase I seem to hear a lot recently in relation to dickhead characters. It's starting to feel like a pattern that we can't just hate characters anymore. Why must they all redeem themselves or have some transformation. Would it make for bad TV to just have characters who are not nice people? Now I'm not talking about the villains, for the most part they are still pretty well hated, (though there can be a lot of "oh we can excuse all their wrongdoings due to their tragic past". No- history doesn't excuse actions just explains them) I just mean average characters who are generally rude or obnoxious or plain old unlikeable. The most recent culprits of this trend for me have been Don Keefer and Reece Lancing from The Newsroom, Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy and Peter Prentice in The Mindy Project. They all begin as horrible and often sexist people but loose the traits along the way. I absolutely LOVE Don and Peter (I've only just started Greys and still hate Alex, I'm just going off what I've heard for him) I wouldn't want them to be any other way. I'm just frustrated and fed up that there are no characters on tv who remain the way their characters began. It's unrealistic given how many assholes there are in life who just stay that way forever and this continued redemption seems like a flaw in otherwise fantasticly written tv.

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