Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 25: Minty Mocha Cupcakes

I've come to love two new things this year, both of which made a hard year a lot easier. The first being my wonderful new friend- the fabulous Anna! Second we both developed an addiction to Minty Mochas from a coffee shop at uni. Since I'm going to be away for Anna's birthday I saw her today to give her her gift- a cupcake of my own invention: The Minty Mocha. I just used a recipe from a book to make the chocolate coffee cake, but after thee days of experimentation I finally created the perfect choc-mint icing. I used Lindt's dark mint intense chocolate to make a ganache with added melted butter and then added icing sugar until I reached a thicker consistency, added a small splash of peppermint essence and allowed it to cool to become spreadable. I'm pretty happy with the final product I think it's as close as I could get to a version of our fave drink. Happy Birthday Lovely! 

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