Tuesday, 5 November 2013

NloPoMo Day 3: One Direction- Coming Out of the Closet

Ok I realise this title sounds like One Direction are coming out of the closet but that is not what I intended I just wrote it and decided it was too funny to change, actually I am coming out of the One Direction Closet. Now many people who know me will say it's not like it was a secret that I'm a fan but really what I'm saying is I'm done with being ashamed. Leading up to 1D's concert last week I found myself avoiding questions, being vague and smudging details about where I was going that tuesday night because I knew the judgement that would follow the truth, however I've had enough of that! I like One Direction, So what? Their music makes me happy and they're all so hot, what's wrong with enjoying that? I don't care if it's not your taste I just think we need to stop shaming people for what makes them happy. I think the main issue people seem to have with One Direction is the craziness of their fans. Yes they can be insane but shouldn't passion and enthusiasm be celebrated? They are dramatic, energetic, imaginative and excitable. I understand that masses of screaming girls can be annoying, but if they're not bothering you then let them have their loves. It's in the nature of many teenage girls to be obsessive -I know I for one can't claim that my love of Zac Efron back in the day was totally casual- and I'm sick of young girls being shamed for liking something for which they are the target audience.* At the concert we felt super old, but actually I am still in my teens, and even if for the most part I want to be treated as an adult, sometimes I want to take advantage of still being a teenage girl while I can. Ultimately my point is please can we stop the judgement. Love of a boyband does not mean we are unintelligent, shallow or don't have valuable things to say, it does not in fact define anything about us at all except that we love 1D. So can we please stop it from being yet another excuse for not taking girls seriously.

*Nobody should be shamed for liking 1D or anything else, whether they are the the target audience or not I was just talking about the largest portion of the fanbase, just love what you love and dont let anyone make you feel bad for that.

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