Monday, 4 November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 2: Formal Photos

This is a photo of my parents going to their year 11 formal.

Recently I was thinking about how amazing it is that they've always had each other, and I was getting sad thinking that I haven't had that, and that I wont have any dorky photos to show my kids of my teenage boyfriends. But then I remembered that this is the photo from my year 12 formal.
My date to my year 12 formal was Hedwig, Sunday's was Tish and Greta's was Claudia, because it was so important to us that we be together for this moment. Everyone has awkward photos of their formal dates, but not everyone has friendship like ours, and thats something I'd never change for anything and I know I'll still have when we're 40. So I just wanted to say once again how grateful I am for my friends and how much I love them all.
(also don't we look majestic)

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