Thursday, 9 January 2014

Verona, Venezia, Firenze

Having not much money and not much time, this was a holiday of walking. Walking through
streets with no aim, getting lost frequently, and fueling ourselves with gelato. I admired the frescoes which adorn the outside of many Veronan buildings, fell in love with all of Venice and was awed by Florence's Uffizi. We frequented Christmas Markets in every city, treating ourselves with Chocolate covered apples, Panzarotti and Mulled Wine. I mastered the hazard of high heels on cobblestones and we even succeeded at transporting our luggage over dozens of bridges in Venice. Venice was the one place where walking did not feel like the most appropriate form of transport, and so we took to the water. Gondola rides cost about thirty thousand dollars so instead we took the vaparetto. We got a huge kick out of waiting for 'the bus' at a floating bus stop before boarding to take a trip down the grand canal, in between the islands and into Piazza San Marco.

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