Saturday, 3 May 2014

Live Below the Line- Food Shop

I've almost completed all my food shopping and here it is! All that remains is $1.30 which I plan on taking to the Food Co-Op at my uni tomorrow and spending on some chilli powder and hopefully some tea!

My produce came from a total of four different supermarkets. On Friday afternoon Tess and I bought a packet of stock, and a bag of onions (from two different supermarkets). We got some strange looks as we sat in a cafe and divided it up, especially when it came down to splitting a single stock cube in half.  Today I visited another three different supermarkets to pick up my potatos, veg, rice and flour.

Eggs had been my greatest dilemma. Even within the budget I could not justify not buying free range eggs and as such eggs were by far the most expensive item on my shopping list. I do see how this choice is not possible for many people on this kind of budget, but I was determined to make it work. Luckily yesterday we visited my aunty Elissa who has an amazing permaculture inspired garden including lots of chooks, so I was able to pick up some amazing eggs at a lot cheaper price.

Im pre cooking some things tonight, and getting ready to go tomorrow morning!


  1. Hi Brittany, Not sure whether you remember me - I'm a friend of your mum's from RMIT. Just wanted to say good on you, glad you sorted out your egg dilemma. I'll be following the rest of your posts with interest.

  2. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for your support and sponsorship, I'm really happy that people are following along. It's going well so far, and definitely feels worthwhile. :)