Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Live Below The Line- Resourcefullness

First off a huge thankyou to all the people who have sponsored me so far, I've been amazed at the amount of encouragement and how many people want to help me to help many more people.

It's the end of day two now, and I've gotten pretty crafty. My budget had absolutely no room for snacks which has been quite a struggle for me- a person who would normally have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. But today I fashioned a snack out of the scraps of my breakfast! Baked potato skins- left over from my potato and onion omlette (really it was scrambled eggs, frying an omlette without oil is not really possible). It was the perfect thing to get me through a particularly long uni reading. For dinner vegetable dumplings were on the menu but I had basically ignored the problem of us not owning a steamer until this evening. Luckily a quick google search provided me with a very easy solution- a plate propped up on balls of foil inside a pot. My dumplings were quite flavoursome and very filling, and I'll be happy to have them twice again this week.

Today was a lot easier than yesterday, mostly because I wasn't at uni. Yesterday my breakfast was at 6:30am, and so it was very hard to get through the morning, especially because I wasn't able to buy my tea for the week until the afternoon. I've noticed a considerable decrease in my concentration span the past two days, and the effort of uni yesterday was exhausting, I got home hungry and tired. Today I was able to sleep in until 10, which meant the spacing between my meals was a lot more reasonable. After dinner this evening I was still very ready for bed, however had a lot of preperation to do for tomorrow. I'm working all day tomorrow and getting up at 6 again, so I had to pre-make my potato soup for lunch and flatbread for breakfast. I think tomorrow might be the most challenging day.

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  1. I'm hungry just reading this post. Such an impressive effort - and interesting to realise how important food really is.