Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas December 2nd- Christmas Recipe

Christmas Pudding Candies!

This 'recipe' requires no cooking, is super easy and super cute, they're perfect to take along to a christmas BBQ or shared lunch, or alternatively like me you could just eat them for breakfast.


1 Packet Chocolate Royal Biscuits
1 packet white chocolate chips
1 packet of jaffas
1 packet of mint leaves

1. Chop the mint leaves into quarters. Also on the note of mint leaves, I found these incredibly hard to find, neither Coles or Safeway sells them and it seems most lolly companies no longer make them, however in the end the trusty $2 shop pulled through with them

2. Melt the white chocolate, and drizzle about a teaspoon over the biscuit

3. Wait a few seconds for the chocolate to set a little so it's not too slippery, and then place the jaffa and two pieces of mint leaf on top


Days until Christmas: 23

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