Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blogmas December 1st- Tell us about your last Christmas

My last Christmas was magical. It was spent in Dale, Norway a place where it's impossible to not believe in Santa Clause. Together with my parents and best friend Greta  I was staying in a wood cabin on a mountain looking over the town which was positioned on a fjord and you would be forgiven for mistaking it for Arendelle. Despite a disappointing lack in snow we had a wonderful wintery Christmas. We chopped down a pine tree from the woods and decorated it with it's own pine cones (very meta), we filled our house with paper snowflakes and Christmas carols and though there were no reindeer sightings the non vegetarians did eat some reindeer sausage. On Christmas Day we joined the locals for a Norwegian carols service at the church where all the children were wearing their traditional dress. We initiated a family Christmas tradition of a sharknado viewing.

Last year's Christmas was whimsical and wonderful and unforgettable, but I'm looking forward to the chaos of the big family Christmas this year.

Days until Christmas: 24

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