Sunday, 30 November 2014

Welcome Back

Hello friends! I let this blog fall by the wayside this year because I've been so busy organising life things, but now those life things are actually happening and they're exciting things like exchange and Christmas which are worth blogging about, so I'm back! I'm jumping right back into it with Blogmas, blogging every day up until Christmas, like a blog advent calendar! It will be similar to last years NaBloPoMo however this time we (Louise) have made a list of topics for each day, and all of them are Christmas themed! Hopefully this will eliminate some of the midnight, sun stroke addled, ramblings of last years challenge. Although I am working basically 24/7 at the moment so there's no guarantees  of my sanity. The reason I'm working so much is, as mentioned above, I am going on exchange next year! As of January 10th I will be blogging from New York City, as a student at Barnard college! I'm sure the city will create many adventures for me that you can all read about here. But for now I'm home and spending my favourite time of year with all my favourite people. So let Blogmas begin!

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