Sunday, 23 March 2014

"Sydney's got its attractions but we've got Melbourne Bitter"

Old Melbourne Town has had a lot of wonderful and free things on recently. It was the perfect welcome home for a returned traveler with itchy feet and an empty wallet.

Melbourne Now

An art exhibition at the NGV of contemporary Melbournian Artists and their work about our city.  There were some really beautiful works and it was great to see lots of fantastic works by some very talented friends. I made it to the exhibition twice but still didn't get to see it all. 

White Night

Last Year Melbourne held it's first White Night Festival, a 12 hour arts/music/culture festival held in the city center from 7pm-7am. Sadly I missed it last year due to being on a plane home from New York (I can't complain too much) so this year was my first time experiencing it. The whole city is lit up with colourful projections adorning the buildings. There are hundreds of things to do, however there are also hundreds of thousands of people to navigate. We were extremely prepared with energy boosting snacks, bottles of water, bandaids, panadol and five of us made it the whole 12 hours. I'm so glad I did because we saw exponentially more between the hours of 3-7am than we did for the whole rest of the night. Highlights included dancing through literal purple rain, kicking the night off with Client Liaison, a part of Tim Winton's film The Turning shown in the Old Melbourne Gaol, arobics at 3 am in Fed Square, and stories sung by the Australian Children's choir. I know lots of people were disappointed with the event and said they'd never go again, but with perfect planning it was fantastic and I can't wait for next year. 

Queen Victoria Night Market

After literally months of talking about it, Tish and I finally made it to the weekly night market held through summer. We went with the sole purpose of eating and it was a grand success. There were Korean Potato twists, Afghan Corn, Nepalese Dumplings, Dutch Pancakes and French Macarons.

Thanks for everything Melbourne.

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